Michael Hensley Fine Art Studio Taos, New Mexico

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Michael M. Hensley: Master Draftsman

Michael Hensley’s work is formed with aspiration.
Tally Richards, Art Dealer-

Michael Hensley created a book before he started to paint some of his masterpieces, a book of detailed and exquisite anatomy. Each muscle, each limb of the human body is rendered in the utmost detail and accuracy. Hensley knows how each muscle works, how each looks when still or when in movement. After he finished his book, he moved onto a canvas to create a museum-quality painting of more than one hundred figures, all anatomically correct, all beautifully rendered and all in one massive room size painting. The time Hensley spends on his work is indicative of his philosophy. “Art should be something people strive for, work hard at and dedicate their lives to,” says Michael Hensley, “not something you randomly knock out in half an hour with no thought at all. Create to the best of your ability, and let history take care of the rest.” Artist’s who take pride and time with their art, who put in years of study and personal passion, are unusual in today’s world of “marketable” art. Unlike other artist’s who’s works have no warmth, nothing personal, the paintings of Michael Hensley, shall we say, seem to have a soul.
Taos News-

The Art of Large Cats | Feline Studies | Wild Cats

  • Michael Hensley Creatures, Feline 1
    Michael M. Hensley: Feline Artist
  • Michael Hensley Creatures, Feline 2
    Michael M. Hensley: Feline Artist